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Tinkerbell Angel

Mystic Garden

John Benedict's
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Mystic Garden is a unique, traveling sculpture installation for botanical gardens, zoos,
public spaces and private events

Mystic Garden is a unique, traveling sculpture installation and exhibition intended for botanical gardens, zoos, public spaces and special events.


Each sculpture was created by artist John Benedict from individually laser-cut steel slices welded together by hand. 

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Mystic Garden features intricately crafted angels, fairies, owls and other ethereal, fantastical creatures cut from individual steel pieces and hand-welded together. The results are both solid and ephemeral, depending on one's viewing angle.

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"I want people to explore the boundaries between art and nature where their assumptions don’t always work..."

~ John Benedict

Kneeling steel fairy sculpture; 112" W x 98" T. 1,500 lbs.

No. 1

Gabrial; 21" W x 82" T x 32" D. 210 lbs.

No.  5

Angelica; 48" W x 90" T x 35" D. 195 lbs.

No.  6

Seated Angel "Think"; 21" W x 80" T x 24" D. 95 lbs.

No.  16

Tinkerbell; 32" W x 96" T x 38" D. 115 lbs.

No.  14

Sprite on a Mushroom; 48" W x 78" T x 48" D. 295 lbs

No.  3

Sitting Angel; 22" W x 90" T x 28" D. 250 lbs

No.  13

Fairy Meditation;

No.  17

Tinkerbell-style Angel; 24" W x 88" T x 24" D. 95 lbs.

No.  15

Owl. 44" W x 65" T x 35" D. 315 lbs.

No.  7

Tree Frog; 48" W x 27" T.

No. 10

Rabbit and Butterfly; 72" T. 550 lbs.

No. 9

Meditation Angel (male); 52" W x 122" T x 70" D. 1,500 lbs.

No.  2

John Benedict : Sculptor, Innovator, Artist, Investigator
Artist, John Benedict, with Steel Sculpture

John Benedict with "Sentinel"

John Benedict with custom sculpture

John  Benedict is an Arizona artist who specializes in steel sculptures and wall art. His forte is building angels and other human forms, but people love his fanciful animals as well.


"I enjoy creating art that makes people smile, laugh, or just reflect..."

Benedict is an expert in all kinds of metalwork and welding with vast experience in steel and other metals, but also with paint, fiberglass, cement and wood.

"I've been a professional artist for 29 years. In that time, I've produced a large body of work in many different media, and I'm proud to have my art in private collections and public venues in Taiwan, West Indies, Stockholm, Sweden, Australia, Puerto Rico, Canada, and all over the States.


Deco bracket
Creating steel sculptures in the studio
Moving hundreds of pounds of steel

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